Monday, 14 December 2015

Canadian Junior Squash Open 2015 - Matthew Henderson into the SemiFinals

Henderson advances to the SemiFinals and has this to say,

"In the semi finals tonight at the Canadian Junior open! Huge thanks to Ben Uliana and Jonathan Hill as well as all my sponsors who have helped me get here. A special thanks to OLIVER Sport Canada that provides me with the awesome rackets and gear! If you want to check out the draws or watch my match tonight, the links are below."
Matthew Henderson vs Alex Eustace at 6:55 (eastern)-
Canadian Junior Open Boys Under 19-…

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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Canadian Junior Squash Open 2015 - Abdel Rahman Dweek Through to SemiFinal

Canadian Junior Squash Open 2015 - Abdel Rahman Dweek says,
“Words cannot explain how happy I am to make it to the semi finals of the 2015 Canadian junior open, played my best squash and gave it all... Tomorrow playing my semis at 6:10(4:10 Calgary time)”
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Draws Canadian Junior Squash Open 2015 Draws:

Canadian Junior Squash Open 2015 - A.R. Dweek Advances

Abdel Rahman Dweek - Canadian junior squash open 2015
"Thankful to get round 3 and make it to the quarters... Playing the quarters tonight..."
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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Bankers Hall Club Pro-Am

Hi there and here is your invite to one of the biggest and the most popular squash tournaments anywhere......the Bankers Hall Club Pro-Am will be held January 27th to 31st at Bankers Hall Club in downtown Calgary.  Please note that online entries will be accepted as of 12 noon starting on Monday December 14th. If past years are an indication then we will sell out this tournament within a few hours to a week so if you want to play make sure you mark December 14th on your calendar!

A few other items for your interest as follows: (1) all participants will be automatically entered into a draw for a LG 43 inch LED TV.   (2) Please see the official tournament website for complete tournament information  at as well as which is where you can enter the tournament online. (3) this will be the 15th consecutive year of having international professional squash at this tournament.  It is again part of the PSA Mens professional circuit and is registered as a $10,000 US event.  The list of PSA players and their draw will be posted by December 14th on the main tournament site. (4) once the event is full a wait list will be created.  In past years 20-30 people from off the wait list have been put into the tournament to either top up draws as well as to replace those that withdraw so if you miss out registering please do place yourself on the wait list. 
Happy holidays and hope to see you here in January!
Bob Ballinger,
Head Squash Professional Bankers Hall Club

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Best of the Best 15 - 2 vs 1

Best of the Best 15 - 2 vs 1
Special thank you to the Squash players featured - 
Andrew Schnell, Matthew Henderson and Gavin Maxwell

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

SaSquash Tournament -Sponsorship Donation and Volunteer Opportunities

SaSquash Tournament, Jan 14 to 17

SaSquash Sponsorship Donation and Volunteer Opportunity document:

SaSquash Tournament Pledge form:



Alberta Rogers Insurance Masters Champions:

Alberta Rogers Insurance Masters Champions:
Men's 55 AB Champion: Jack Hoogstraten
Men's 35/40 AB Champion: Domi Diaz
Men's 40+ CD Champion: Jason Labrecque
Men's 50 CD Champion: Brian Ecklund
Men's 45/50 AB Champion: David Safton
Men's 55/60/65 CD Champion: Matthew Eisentraut
Men's 35+CD Champion: Richard Nelson
Women's 40+ CD Champion: Keri Rak
Women's 50+ CD Champion: Carol Shore-Maclean
Women's 30/35 CD Champion: Shannon Rogolino
Women's 40/45 AB Champion: Kelsey Souchereau
Women's 45/55 CD Champion: Angie Sheeley
Men's 30+ CD Champion: Zair Faqiryar
Men's 30+ AB: Samer Adeeb
Women's 50/55 Champion: Fiona Curthoys
Women's Doubles B Champions: Emma Yong & Sasha Yong
Open Doubles Champions: Ciaran Godfrey & Fank Legacy
C Doubles Champions: Joseph Lyttle & Zair Faqiryar
A Doubles Champions: Charles Maclean & Mike Hiller

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Friday, 20 November 2015

Result: Godfrey/Hooker defeats Henderson/Mehl

Doubles experience was a serious factor in Godfrey/Hooker 3-0 chop of Henderson/Mehl.
 Henderson/Mehl were too deep in the court and beat by too many crosscourts.
 Too, covering shots deep in the court that could be left to the partner used up a lot of energy and opportunity for Henderson/Mehl.
A great match with 4 great Squash players on the court.